Sentara Heart Digital Engagement for Heart Month

At Sentara Heart, our priority is simple: We put patients first, in everything we do. That means not only providing the most advanced, high-quality heart care possible when patients need it, but also actively raising awareness about heart health, prevention and screenings to keep them healthy.

In honor of American Heart Month in February, Sentara launched a comprehensive, 28-day marketing campaign to digitally engage our audience through a number of targeted channels, including weekly blogs, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and an interactive heart profiler tool at Offline, our team partnered with Whole Foods Market® to tag heart healthy food items, sponsor a Sentara Heart food truck rodeo and staged a flash concert, with the video topping 30,000 total views through social media alone.

28 Days of Heart (

February 2015 marked our third year of our successful 28 Days of Heart campaign throughout our 12-hospital network. Our team researched, wrote and promoted blogs, developed healthy eating infographics, Facebook posts and Tweets for each day of the month. Topics ranged from heart healthy recipes, tips for Super Bowl snacks and other event-centered lifestyle “healthy” changes, heart patient stories and advice on starting an exercise program, among others. Centrally hosted at, our strategic campaign received nearly 5,000 page views during the month.

Sentara Heart Profiler (

Our heart profiler asked users a series of questions to determine their heart age – comparing their actual age to their heart’s biological age. We used pay-per-click and social media posts (including paid and promoted Facebook posts) as well as strategic blog posts to drive traffic to the profiler. During Heart Month, we received over 7,900 visits to the online profiler, and based on their profile, 44% of the consumers were identified through this interactive tool as having a moderate to a very high risk of having a cardiac event within 10 years.

Our Flash Concert at Whole Foods Market®

On February 13, 2015, Sentara Heart created a heart healthy social experience…just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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