Transferring a Patient to Sentara Heart Hospital

The CARE Unit (cardiac assessment, recovery and evaluation) at Sentara Heart Hospital “always says yes!” to referring providers wanting to transfer or admit cardiac patients here. Over the last few years, Sentara Heart Hospital has experienced a 30 percent increase in patient transfers and referrals. The hospital will
not turn away a cardiac patient in need.

All it takes is one call to 757-388-8064 to put the CARE Unit into action.

  • The referring provider calls the CARE Unit at 757-388-8064.
  • An expert CARE Unit team member gathers information about the patient’s clinical needs and relays the details to a Sentara Heart doctor.
  • Sentara’s doctors and CARE Unit evaluate the patient’s clinical needs and determine the best mode of transportation, either via ambulance or Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance.
  • Depending on the patient’s status, the CARE Unit prepares the required procedure room—ICU, cath lab, operating room (OR), CARE unit, stepdown, or other.
  • A member of the CARE Unit team notifies the referring physician of the action plan and serves as the central point of contact throughout the patient transfer and for all status updates.

The CARE Unit at Sentara Heart Hospital on the campus of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital serves as the portal for entry, preparation and recovery for catheterizations, EP and cardiac OR procedures. This established, one-call system provides seamless coordination of cardiac care and ensures that Sentara Heart is prepared to meet a patient’s level of care before his or her arrival.