2016 Sentara Heart Annual Report

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Ornish Lifestyle Medicineā„¢ Program for Reversing Heart Disease

In 2016, on the campus of Sentara Princess Anne in Virginia Beach, Sentara became the first and only provider in the state to offer patients a clinically proven way to reverse heart disease. Nearly four decades of research show that people who complete and stick with the Ornish

Lifestyle Medicineā„¢ program can reverse the progression of coronary artery disease and other chronic conditions. Program participants may reduce their risk of heart attack, lower their need for medication and avoid the need for serious cardiac interventions like bypass surgery.

Groups of up to 15 people participate in twice- weekly, four-hour sessions for a total of 72 hours. Sentara experts in stress management, behavioral health, fitness and nutrition direct and lead the sessions. A nurse case manager coordinates care and monitors each participant as they progress through the program.

Sentara began offering the program as a way to help patients be more proactive about
their health. Other locations in the Sentara network will introduce the program in the near future. Medicare and many commercial insurers cover program costs for qualified and eligible members.

Study findings about the program’s effects are compelling: